Cultivating a Medicare Advantage Mindset

Launching a Medicare Advantage (MA) plan offers health systems the potential to strengthen their bottom lines while acquiring the capabilities to manage the healthcare needs of beneficiaries. However, the road to success is fraught with significant financial, operational and regulatory risk.  Success requires executing well in several areas and involves many stakeholders both inside and outside the organization.

In this paper, learn about the challenges with operating a Medicare Advantage plan:

  • Identify the key challenges that health systems face as they try to shift from health system operations to health plan operations
  • Discover the areas of expertise like member acquisition, medical management and compliance which are critical to success
  • Understand the complexity of establishing a comprehensive physician network that meets network adequacy requirements and keeps members happy
  • Analyze why many health systems choose to work with a strategic operating partner to ensure MA success

Learn about the unique challenges and opportunities for health systems considering launching an MA plan, and why working with an operating partner offers a route to success.

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